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reproduction of the human body is now on display at london's science museum. robotics experts have built what they've dubbed a million dollar bionic man deplete with artificial organs, synthetic blood, and robotic limbs. he's 6'6" and he was put together during the momently titled documentary "how to build a bionic man." his synthetic blood that we mentioned can bind and give off oxygen just like the real thing. the man called rex by his creators also has an artificial trachea, which means that he soon may be able to speak. >>> many cities north of us are bracing for what could be a huge storm. so let's find out how it's going to affect us. howard has the forecast. >> yeah, jc, looks like this one is just going to miss us although we could get a little snow out of it. i'll let you know when that may happen and it certainly feels like it. look at the temperatures as we go to break. it's chilly. 34 lovettsville. 37 dumfries and 38 in bowie. we'll have the very interesting forecast, an epic storm in the northeast coming up in just >>> i've been combing through the retailer websites to find you -
was the london bridge in arizona. they brought the entire london bridge over piece by piece and built it just to make it a tourist attraction to get people in the desert. the next night probably the stupidest night of the trip, i took a 72-ounce steak challenge. if you can eat 72 ounces of steak, you could get it for free. i didn't do it. i had to pay. we did it all on route 66, the iconic freeway that goes through america's heart land. we saw a lot of depressing areas because that route 667 has pretty much been torn down and then last stop was at the ufo muse sim in roz well, new mexico, which is kind of goofy and they mrooef that ufos landed there. now, i'm in new orleans which is also a goofy place but for another reason, and i think there are more drunk people per square inch than anywhere in the world here and i'm going to go out and venture to find some tonight. we'll see at 11:00 how i do. >> all right. we'll check on your condition at that time. thanks mike. >>> well if you do plan to watch the garjs this is really the place to be. cbs 5 is your super bowl station and kickoff is tomor
populations using suicide bombers. whether in new york, london, madrid or, indeed, in pakistan or libya. wherever they fight, what they do is blow up innocent people going about their daily business. that is the enemy. >> what about the charge that the administration is too quick to default to drone distant killing as opposed to trying to capture and then interrogate terrorists where you get the best intelligence to be able to prevent future attacks? >> that is really a good question. there is a powerful suspicion that the drone serves the administration's effort to cleanse itself of the boots on the ground danger. cleanse itself of a place where to put these people we have no place, we have no tents. >> paul: we have guantanamo. >> but they don't want to use it. >> here is clean, completely if they could get away without bringing down all of it on their heads. i have to say, one has a sense of kind of just cause in this outburst of trouble that they are in right now. >> paul: you don't agree with the critics of the drone program do you? >> certainly not. >> paul: you like the drone pro
in that year in 2008 his luck turned for the london games four years later. bill: he made history in the games in london, making it to the semifinals in the 400 meters. he was that close to a medal competing on his country's relay team. his father and family at that time in london shared in his glorious moment. >> to now stand on the pinnacle of where you strifed and you hoped and dreamt to be, that is an amazing emotional feeling for him and i feel, i feel compassion and pride. i mean it's phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. really, to see him coming second in the heat in the olympics, amazing. bill: certainly was. that was the moment in august this past summer, now pistorius was chosen to carry the south african flag in the closing ceremony at the games and after london he competed in the paraolympics. part of the investigation now goes to apparently people, perhaps neighbors, maybe even friend, who had heard something earlier in the night and heard something around the shooting at 3:00 in the morning. they are being interviewed by police. martha: he has been released as we said for now. the
the story from london. >> the latest figure shows euro zone falling deeper in recession. >> europe is spluttering, stuttering and having a terrible time. >> effectively a double dip recession. some of the hardest hit country were debt-plagued spain and italy. france was sluggish. growth in germany down .6%. slow growth in economic powerhouse germany is especially worrying. the weakness is hurting the german exports. adding to economic headache, strike of security workers for higher pay snarled airports in germany today. >> he said is up it. even if i suffer for it. further come pounding problems debt-ridden countries are saddled with high unemployment. the jobless rate in greece is record 27%. i come here all the time. there are no jobs. economists say there could be some pick nun euro growth this year. that would be good news for the u.s. europe is our biggest trading partner. nearly $650 billion in two-way trade last year. >> we all barely growing if we are increasing taxes. and cutting spending. then that will have a direct impact on the wealth of ordinary americans. talks have
and they conspired illegally to artificially rig the global interest rates which are based upon this london inner bank offered rate, which is a rate that measures how much it costs for banks to lend money to each other. this libor rate affects the prices of hundreds of trillions of dollars of financial products. and it goes from everything from credit cards to mortgages to municipal bonds. basically everything in the world the price is, you know, is somehow connected to libor. and these guys were monkeying around with this for individual profit. and they got, again, a complete and total walk on this. there were no criminal charges, which is just unbelievable. >> did you see the frontline documentary "the untouchables?" >> i did. >> then you're familiar with lanny breuer's testimony. >> you made a reference to losing sleep at night worrying about what a lawsuit might result in at a large financial institution. is that really the job of a prosecutor, to worry about anything other than simply pursuing justice? >> i think i am pursuing justice and i think the entire responsibility of the department i
time since the tragedy. they called the london hospital where kate middleton was being treated for morning sickness. they called and the nurse got ridiculed and ended up taking her life. >> thank you patti ann. do you know what it takes to be your office mvp? our next guest is here to tell us how to be the most valuable performer at your job. author of i will teach to you be rich. >> we want to be mvp of the super bowl. your first tip is to let our bosses help us grow. >> a lot of us believe if we stay good at our job that's enough. all of the people sit in the corner work on their cell and get passed up over and over. they want to invest. first thing we can do is ask them hey would you mind helping me get this course or this book or even attend this conference. as we get more valuable to the company maybe we should ask for 100 a month>> i looked at this book would it be okay to put this on the company account as you work your way up you can ask for hire and higher ticket items. the more people help you the more they want to help you. >> it doesn't make snins but when you ask p
in london. steve, what exactly did david einhorn, who is he suing, what's going on here? >> basically, the point is apple wants to change its charter and ban a type of shares which would give a very high yield to investors. they want to preserve their cash pile, $137 billion, part of $500 billion plus held by the top 20 u.s. corporate. they want to hang on to the money, most of which is held offshore, which in brought back onshore into the united states could trigger hefty tax bills. apple wants to hang on to the money to use in other ways going forward. a lot of activist shareholders and hedge funds want a higher yield on their stock, especially considering the fact that stocks like apple are now trading as low as $468 a share. it's a very anxiety battle for the company and investors. >> steve, the merger talks, american airlines and us airways, where's it stand now? what's the implications for passengers? >> yeah, looks like this one's going ahead. it will create the largest domestic u.s. carrier, part of a process which has taken from us in 2001 to 10, 11 major carriers to four. de
/11 and the london bombings and the madrid bombings. it will be about this obsession of theirs whether one part of the movie, the enhanced interrogations will convince the american people that led to the capture of usama bin laden. senator feinstein completely unbalanced the reception to this film and in the event, seems to have intimidated hollywood into dropping kathryn bigelow from best director. it has no chance of winning best picture,. jenna: do you think it should? >> i definitely think it should win best picture. it was the best picture made. it was so well-received last year. the issue is why do we end up obsessed with something like enhanced interrogation, turning "zero dark thirty." the torture movie, when it is about something so larger than that. jenna: a very small part of the movie is about the scene that caused so much controversy. seems there is a battle over narrative. who owns the story about what happened on 9/11, and who has the story right. here is this battle between lawmakers who, a role in that story and those that create the movies about our country that also has a rol
. they are the third major bank caught up in the scandal can which is called the libor. that stands for london interbank offered rate and is the basis of trillions of dollars for mortgages, bonds and consumer loans. >> will water boarding and drone program shoot down the chances of the president's pick for c.i.a. chief? we'll ask the fox panel when we come back. ssion a for a final g. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> civilians lose their lives in an effort to go after senior leadership and al-qaeda along the lines that we are discussing as opposed to an effort to invade a country to take cities and towns. >> chris: jay carney defending the use of drones to go after top leaders of al-qaeda as that practice faces new questions. let's bring in the panel, steve hies and charles krauthammer. well as we know white paper obama administration
to provoke the obama administration. amy kellogg has more from london. >> iran just released footage it claimed it extracted from a drone captured in 2011. footage of the pentagon will not confirm if s authentic. not only can it reverse engineer and mass produce spy planes now but it's collected data from the sentinel surveillance craft it intercepted. as sanctions against iran are tightening. the supreme leader rejects joe biden's suggestion that direct negotiations between the two countries might be possible. >> i'm not a diplomat, i'm a revolutionary and negotiations can only be meaningful when the other party shows goodwill. when they don't show goodwill, talks are meaningless. >> u.s. is accused of holding a gun to iran but six powers which includes the united states is expected to meet the nuclear team next month. while the sanctions are hurting iran's economy they are not thwarting nuclear advancement. >> to make these advanced centrifuges, suggests they are moving fast ahead on their program. >> one note on the supreme leader's defiant tone, a top official recently told me th
from london's heathrow airport to boston and new york. am track also suspending rail service in the northeast. meteorologist julie martin is tracking the storm for us. julie, where are seeing i guess the most intense snowfall right now? >> from connecticut to maine and massachusetts but really to put it in perspective, we are just getting going here. this storm just starting to wind up. in cities like boston, dealing with a slushy mess and snow right now. maine heavy snow for you. new york, just starting to turn over to snow but by the evening rush around 5:00 p.m. really going to get blasted there in new york city. heavy snow expected tonight. could pick up another eight inches to a foot and the word of caution today is get out early, get off the roads. many governors wanting you to do that very thing. here's a look at tomorrow then. still dealing with blizzard-like conditions in the cities including boston. this is a long duration of that and that's a problem with this system. storm:con for boston is a 10. that's the highest level here at the weather channel. you need cauti
. he remains holed up in the ecuadorean embassy in london fighting extradition to sweden. in a ceremony at the museum of modern art, artist and activist yoko ono paid tribute to julian assange. >> this 2013 courage award for the arts is presented to julian assange. with your courage, the truth was revealed to us. thank you. it gave us wisdom and power to heal the world. on behalf of the suffering world, i thank you. thank you. >> that was yoko ono giving an award to julian assange in absentia. jacob appelbaum, could you comment? >> you were there. >> i think the julian assange is a hero. he is a personal friend of mine and i think people should support him. i believe that award from yoko ono is quite an honor and i'm really happy to see some many people supporting julian and i helped the british government will grant him safe passage to ecuador, as he is effectively a political prisoner. >> at the museum of modern art, the ecuadorean foreign minister was also there to honor julian assange, as was daniel ellsberg, who is in our studio as well. a lawsuit challenging a controversial statut
because other outlets noted the location of the base months ago. the times of london mentioned it in july 2011 while fox news notification and an online article before broadening the language to say "arabian peninsula." adrian chen wrote -- a hunt is underway in southern california for former police officer accused of killing three people and launching a targeted offensive against the l.a. police department. christopher dorner, a former navy reserve lieutenant, posted a lengthy manifesto on facebook vowing "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform." the l.a. police chief described the suspect on thursday. >> of course he knows what he is doing. we trained him read it he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> christopher dorner was fired from the lapd in 2008 for making false statements after he complained that his training officer had kicked a mentally 0 suspect in the course of an arrest. testimony by the suspect's father supported dorner's claim. over the weekend, dorner allegedly
sat down in london to have that apology conversation and it was very disruptive. very quickly, did you provide any classified or otherwise sensitive information to reporters or media consultants regarding the details of the abadibad raid? >> no, i did not, senator. >> then do you know who disclosed information that prompted the secretary of defense robert gates to advise the white house to tell people to shut up? >> you would have to ask senator gates what he was referring to because i don't know. >> in conclusion, let me just go back to the initial questions that the chair referred to. and in that, i think you might have taken her request on documents to be the documents that we've got joud instanting right now. i think she was referring to the future. i hope you take the opportunity if you haven't already to send back to the administration, it is absolutely essential that the documents of this committee has requested on benghazi be supplied before the confirmation moves forward. i realize i'm not saying you're part of it but it's absolutely essential that we get those documents befor
london, a member of the search team, historian john ash don hill, he's also author of the last days of richard iii. first question first, why this parking lot? why was this parking lot suddenly the place where you and others believed you were going to find these remains so elusive for so long? >> well, jenna, we knew that richard iii was buried, um, in the franciscan monastery in the 1485 after the battle. and this, this site, obviously, like all the medieval monasteries in england was dissolved of the reformation by henry viii. and over the years it became a private garden, and then it went down in the social conscious, if you like, and became just a car park. jenna: so we're seeing some video of the excavation. tell us a little bit about how long it took and, you know, when you dug down there, did -- were these bones relatively easy to find? were they just sitting there waiting to be discovered? >> well, the excavation was absolutely amazing, 9/11 -- jenna. i mean, i started work finding the dna link in 2003, so you can see it took a lot of preparation. and it took two years of pr
force whether it is on the streets of london? absolutely not. the bush and obama administration have had the same legal rationale that the war with the al qaeda is gone all around the world because they are attacking us all around the world and we have the right to defend ourselves all around the world. our legal right to defend ourselves and use force bombs up against the rights of every other country in the world to control their own territory. they are sovereigns in their own territory. if they can deal with the own problem in their territory through their law enforcement means, we cannot have the legal right to trone someone, detain someone, in a foreign country as we would. france does not have the right to drones someone here. in a small number of countries, the country is allowing its territory to be used for attacks against americans or is unwilling or unable to stop them. the united states under the bush and obama demonstrations say we have the right to use force. that is what is happening in pakistan or somalia or yemen or some of the other countries where drones strikes appear
on record but we're told there is no connection. greg palkot has more in london. what do we know about this event, greg. >> reporter: amazing amateur video we've been watching as you folks at that i can take it in as well. it happened in a russian city 130 miles east of moscow. it happened 9:20 local time. that is why a lot of people saw it, a lot of people reported it, out on the street, inside buildings you name it. the russian scientists now say it entered the earth's atmosphere at get this, 33,000 miles an hour. at least 20 foot wide this meet tore. and -- meteor. people saw the thing streaking across the sky. it broke up and exploded in a fireball just about 30 miles above the ground and fragments came down. that is what people saw streaking down. that is what they heard, son i can explosions. that is what really caused according to authorities the most damage. that is what broke windows and caved in roofs and walls we understand as well. at least 500 people were injured. at least 100 people hospitalized. so far no deaths. when the meteor hits the ground becomes a meet i don't rem
about. and the gender of the person that you love is irrelevant. >> joining us from london, we know that this vote says there is huge support for this bill, and the prime minister himself supports it as well. he came out and said, i'm a big believer in marriage, it helps people to commit to each other, and i think that's why gay people should be able to get married, too. we know there was a lot of opposition in his own party. why are they -- first of all what's the argument they are making? how likely is it they will lose this case? >> reporter: well, it seems very likely they are going to lose this case. clearly the majority of the house of commons has voted against opponents of the bill. it's interesting nearly half of his own conservative party voted against prime minister cameron. basically their objection to this bill is they say they fear this is going to open up the possibility of lawsuits against the church of england or any other religious institution that refuses to marry any same sex couple. what they fear is that if a gay or lesbian couple walks into a mosque, synagogue
. so it sound to me as if this is a story that's been reported in the london times, "the new york times," and really think the administration needs to answer, are they involved with running guns from turkey to syria. martha: you've raised the question. we'll see if we hear more about it today. thank you very much. rand paul, senator, good to see you. >> thank you. rick: another hearing is straight ahead on capitol hill this time for the president's choice for cia director john brennan. lawmakers expected to get their hands-on classified reports detailing the drone program. that is coming up next. >> announcer: meet tom, a proud dad whose online friends all "like" the photos he's posting. oscar likes tom's photos, but he loves the access to tom's personal information. osr's an identity thief who used tom's personal info to buy new teeth and a new car, and stuck tom with the $57,000 bill. [tires squeal] now meet carl who works from the coffee shop and uses the free wi-fi. marie works from there too. she's an identity thief who used a small device to grab his wi-fi signal, then stole enoug
in london. is this the same drone that the united states said was returned to the united states? >> it looks like the same one. the iranians say it was flying 140 miles into their airspace off their northeastern corner, close to the border with afghanistan. the iranians are saying this aircraft was flying from the kandahar airfield base inside afghanistan, and some of the footage, and i looked at it, some of it could be kandahar air base but there's no guarantee this video came from the aircraft in question here. did they get this video from somewhere els? it's not clear. there's no way to verify at the moment what the iranians are saying. the spokesman that the iranians are putting forward says that the aircraft was sent to california several times in 2010 for repair and used for operations inside pakistan. >> translator: this aircraft has had many flights in countries around iran, operations that have taken place in pakistan. this aircraft provided guidance. >> again, no indications that we have that they have the real video from this drone. they may do, but we can't know that for sure at
in south africa for his performance in this summer's london games where he was the first-ever double amputee to compete. >>> the "usa today," in order to keep up with quotas, more immigrants convicted of only minor crimes were deported from the country last year. the paper says the obama administration has tried to emphasize removing dangerous criminals, not minor offenders. but critics say this policy shows they are now including people with offenses like minor traffic violations to make their numbers. >>> and on the cover of this week's "parade" magazine, the secrets to having a happy family. check that out. >> i like it. >> with us now, the chief white house correspondent for "politico," mike allen with a look at the "playbook." hi, mike. >> and happy friday. >> there it is. happy friday. yesterday at this time we were talking about elizabeth warren keeping a low profile. this morning you go to the other end of the spectrum for freshmen senators looking at ted cruz of texas and how he hit the halls of capitol hill running. >> that's right, willie. and ted cruz of texas has taken t
from london that were canceled as a result of the storm that was on its way here. people who had been trying to get here from other places, they weren't making it, either, because the airport was shut down. want to tell you one bit of good news we just saw on our monitor here that a flight from nashville has arrived. and so that's good news in terms of things starting to pick up. there are a couple of other flights that are still trying to go south and west of here. but word on the board now is that they're delayed. somebody might say oh, boy, that's bad news. but in a line where everything had been canceled, it is pretty good news to hear something's delayed. maybe they're going to get themselves up and going at some point before the afternoon is over. nowhere near normal here at the airport, alex. but it is getting better. >> okay. well, we like the positive spin at the end there, thank you very much, nbc's rehema ellis. >>> right now for 40,000 people in connecticut are still without power in hartford 22 inches of snow have accumulated. that's the second highest total ever. joining
: greg palkot is live in london with the latest on this, greg? >> reporter: jenna, it was a big surprise. pope benedict xvi saying he would resign as of february 28th. that is less than eight years into his papacy. according to the vatican today that sets up a conclave of card nals and election for a new pope by mid-march. the vatican is also saying they are hoping at least there will be a new hope by easter sunday, march 31st. the 85-year-old benedict will not take part in the conclave. that to be said a conclave usually happens when a pope dice. the last time a pope has resigned in office, that was 600 years ago. benedict himself has suggested in the past that popes should step down if they felt they were not up to it. he watched as we did, up close pope john paul ii suffer through those last few years of his papacy. perhaps he wanted to avoid that. now the former german cardinal, joseph ratzinger, was a conservative and advocate of traditional faith. he had to deal with a whole lot of issues between catholics and muslims and jews during his time in office. he also had to deal with sca
a woman to rainy overcast london but she can still tan the way shy gets tan so she is okay with that. bill: our apologies to all the truck drivers out there, that's what we get. there is breaking news right now, the u.s. secretary of defense, brand-new on the of 8:30 this morning, that is chuck hagel talking to his new colleagues at pentagon the form erpl senator sworn in earlier today confirmed by the senate yesterday in the closes vote we have seen in the history of the u.s. senate over defense secretary. on the job. the president accused of miss using his power. a growing number of attorneys general say he is crossing the line. is that true? is that the case? texas attorney general greg abbott weighs in on that. martha: a final farewell to the faithful, pope benedict the xvi addresses a huge audience at st. peters square today, amazing pictures coming out of the vatican. what is next for the catholic church? we're going to talk about that. bill: check it out. what led to this basketball brawl? this thing started and it went on and on and on. >> this is really out of hand over here, owe,
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 59 (some duplicates have been removed)